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Our team

Our team
Our team

Are you ready for the exciting task of teaching kids English?

Our goal is to find people who are talented at teaching, can motivate children to learn English and are able to connect and empathise with kids. Fluency in English, a dynamic personality, professionalism, empathy and passion for the job are the defining characteristics of the teachers on our team.

Meet our teachers:

  • Lucie


    Hi! I’m Lucie, I’m a Psychology student and an English lover! I felt in love with English when I was a child watching tv shows and movies. I also enjoyed reading lots of books in English. Before leaving for university I had the chance to be chosen to represent my school in an international camp in Norway. That experience really made me realize how important English is when it comes to traveling. When I got to university I started teaching English to Erasmus students and found out how much I loved teaching. Working with Kids&Us is really an honor to me, not only do I get to play an important role in the lives of children who will make our future, but I also have the chance to share the passion I have for such a beautiful and useful language. Back to school season is almost there! Get ready for an amazing year of learning!

  • Tinuke


    Hello, My name is Tinuke Olafimihan I originally hail from England, but have been living in Belgium since 2001 with my three children. I am a professionally trained singer and have been teaching Singing since 1999 and English since 2009. I have always enjoyed teaching and learning and am excited to get into the methodology of stories and songs that Kids&Us use. I believe that the acquisition of language by children is very important and am looking forward to being part of the beginning of this project. I am especially interested in sharing and learning with the kids who will be taking this journey along with the rest of the Kids&Us team. In my free time I love to garden, read and cook, I am also a self-proclaimed Trekkie (Star Trek) and Marvel comics and film fan. I am a life long Sci-Fi and Fantasy reader and am always looking for new authors. Finally I have a total passion for music, particularly vocal music and theatre and how it can be used in different ways both in performing and teaching. See you in September !

  • Sam


    Hi, my name is Sam! I am originally from South Africa. I have been living in Belgium for the past four years. I studied teaching through the University of South Africa and took several modules in Language Learning, English Literature and multicultural Education. I have a passion for teaching children from a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds. watching my own child acquire both Dutch and French, in the short time we have lived in Belgium, re-awoke my fascination and enthusiasm in Early Childhood Language Acquisition. This along with the decision to remain long term in Belgium prompted me to join Kids&Us as a teacher in 2019. I immediately fell in love with the fun approach Kids&Us takes to language learning in their methodology. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and kitesurfing. I also have a diploma in Drama from the South African Guild of Speech and Drama. I always strive to incorporate pieces of my Drama training into the classroom. I look forward to welcoming your little ones into my class and watching them grow and develop.

  • Etienne


    Hi, my name is Etienne McGrath. I was born in London in 1997 and moved to Belgium as a child in 2001. I grew up speaking English at home with my family. At the moment I am a translation student at the ULB where I study French, Dutch and, of course, English. I have always been interested in language, which prompted me in my choice of studies as well as deciding to work at Kids&Us. I come from a family of teachers, musicians and performers and I also have a keen interest in theatre and music, both of which are incorporated in the Kids&US method. I particularly enjoy Storytimes! In my free time you will probably find me writing, drawing or reading a good book. I’m interested in anything mysterious, magical or fantastical. I think it is very important to foster children’s creativity. I have always liked teaching and I think it is important to share your knowledge with others, especially children. And it isn’t just a one-way street, I have learned a great deal and gained a lot of valuable life experience teaching. I believe that learning is and should be a fun and active process and I hope I will be able to inspire your children to enjoy and excel in English. I look forward to meeting you and learning new things!

  • Lucy-Jane


    Hello my name is Lucy-Jane and I am originally from Great Britain. I moved to Belgium to be with my partner in 2018. While I was in Belgium, so many people wanted to practice speaking English with me and I soon realised that teaching English in Belgium would be a great benefit to people here and also to me. I always wanted to help people and I thought this is my way of doing it. So I did a TEFL online course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) for 6 months and passed. As an English speaking person I found learning about my language again fascinating and wanted to pass on the knowledge. Before teaching I was a Personal Assistant for companies in London, Beirut, Sydney and Auckland, so I have always been very organised and now teaching I can use these skills again. I love travelling and having adventures, and being English speaking you realise how easy it is to move around the world. So I am very fortunate to have travelled and lived in many countries. Therefore I want the next generation to learn English and have the same experiences as me with travelling the world and having amazing adventures. The world is your oyster as they say! I am excited to join Kids&Us this year and to pass on my knowledge of the English Language to the children. I have always had a good connection with children and have worked a year and a half in some schools around Belgium teaching English. Looking forward to the next adventure and taking the students with me on a journey to the world of the English Language. See you all soon!

  • Olina


    Hi! My name is Olina Harris. I'm very excited for this new school year to begin. I went to Weston Road High School in Stafford, England and arrived in Belgium in 1994. My Dad being English I grew up in an English speaking home. I love the English language, I find it fun to use and to listen to. I also love travelling and have noticed that understanding and speaking English comes in very handy when globe trotting. I love watching films in their original version, which is often English and I prefer reading books in English as well. I used to work at the reception desk of a hotel and therefore used my English skills every day in my job. I don't have any children of my own but nearly all of my friends do and I love playing with them and taking care of them in general. I love it when I can play a part in their development and observe them changing as they grow up. I remember quite well being a child myself and I find that I often relate to them easily. I think this is why I often have a special relationship with children. I love simple things like going on long walks in the countryside, talking to my two cats, cooking meals for my friends and reading nearly all kinds of books. I'm really looking forward to spending this year playing, singing, having fun and of course learning English with your sweeties in my class!

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